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From cultivation to post-harvest, a new 2021 eco-conscious initiative will have packagers utilizing rice protein isolate to create the shrink wrap material around the pre roll packs along with sourcing fully recycled glass jars for flower using reclaimed ocean plastic for child-resistant lids.

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A high-end cannabis brand based in Los Angeles focusing upon the earthy-organic vibes of dreamy and wistful summer days in Southern California, Stone Road’s pre-rolls and newly released pouches are attractively embellished with a golden cursive logo and photography of flora that seems to promise better daze.

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All products from flower brand Stone Road come in packaging made from 100% post-consumer recycled goods, and the brand will start utilizing rice protein isolate to create the shrink-wrap material required for pre-roll packs.

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Stone Road’s classic and hash-infused pre-rolls have been catching the attention of industry connoisseurs for several months now. Seed- and stem-free, they always include top-notch flower with a freshness you can taste.

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We've found we get the most traction from billboards and other outdoor advertising, especially when we create a local tie with a prominent store or dispensary in the area. For example, we offer stores who order 10k on their first Stone Road order the opportunity to be featured on a co-branded billboard based on that initial buy.

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Lex incorporates his queerness into his brand because he feels it’s a gap in the industry. “I think having any independent cannabis company in this day and age is remarkable and admirable because there’s been a rapid consolidation and corporatization of the industry. Having an independent company that isn’t public, isn’t owned by a bigger parent company, hasn’t raised tens of millions of dollars in investor money, it differentiates us from different brands. I could name the other brands on one hand that are doing it in the same light."